New! Polar Maps with Features and Tracking

Correct display of Arctic and Antarctica

If you ever tried to use InReach or Google map for tracking at Antarctica and the Arctic you probably noticed that you only get a big, white area without features.

The reason is almost all maps focus on the equator (Mercator projection) which makes everything up North look much bigger than it really is. Greenland will look as big as Africa while in reality it’s only 2 million square km compared to Africa’s 30.

Polar stereographic projection makes it real

Centering the map at the North Pole or the South Pole the brand new Explorershouse just created two new tracking map systems for the polar community, ready to use already this season.

The maps can display custom routes and live tracking from InReach and other trackers.

Check out Arctic demo

Check out Antarctic demo

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The maps are part of the CONTACT 6 dispatch system with voice dispatches, text and images live over satellite. Explorershouse software development is part of HumanEdgeTech expedition hardware services.