North Pole Interview with Sky, the Dog: “Things might get bloody”

Picking bones with a Polar Husky

Last week we ran an interview with his North Pole team mate, Martin Murray. This week we shine the light on Sky, the dog, about to embark on an adventure his entire breed yearns for. Here goes.

Pythom: Hi Sky, thank you for this interview opportunity. What made you want to attempt the North Pole? (Fame, money, women?)

Sky: Martin… he smell good and besides, the North Pole is every Husky’s calling, don’t all Chihuhuas dream about Mexico ?!?

Pythom: How did you and Martin hook up?

Sky: Tinder. Martin was looking for a companion with lots of energy and a sense for the outdoors… right up my alley!

Pythom: What’s your tribe?

Sky: Kivalliq husky, the traditional breed used along the Hudson Bay coast 2% Cool, 5% Hot, and 98% Bad at math.

Pythom: According to this study, your sort is among the dumbest. Any comments?

Sky: We may not be the smartest, but have you ever seen a terrier pull a sleigh? I just think we have our priorities straight and I am going to show Martin how to get to the North Pole in one piece.

Pythom: The study also says that you may or may not (50%) do as Martin says. What motivates you?

Sky: He has the key to the food locker.

Pythom: If you ran out of dog food – would you consider eating Martin?

Sky: Yes, like I said he smells good and we have a deal, as long as I have food, he keeps his limbs. If he doesn’t, things might get bloody.

Pythom: You have been out training together, you are obviously a born and bred veteran, what do you think of Martin’s chances?

Sky: As long as he sticks with me he has a good chance. I sleep in a snow drift…. enough said? I tried to hide from him on Abitibi Lake but he found me.

Pythom: Is it correct you will pull your own sled and have your own harness: What are the tech specs please? (Weight etc)

Sky: NO, I will pull with Martin. Harness is made of woven dragon fur and the sled is carbon fibre. We will be hauling 115 kg mostly food, T-bones for me and special dried food for Martin.

Pythom: Martin has a dry suit to cross the open water leads, what’s your approach?

Sky: I will be riding Martin’s shoulders…

I can only do the dog paddle… too slow for the boss and that dry suit better floats cuz i’m planning on holding on tight… i’m a runner not a swimmer.

Joke aside he is planning to barge me across… I heard that he is planning to use a crazy psycho straight jacket !! Grrrr

Pythom: Will you sleep inside or outside the tent?

Sky: HAH! Are you kidding? I always sleep in the porch. High risk of asphyxiation… deadly gasses from dried beans.

Pythom: Polar bears: Part of your job is security. A Russian team once complained to us when the bear came their sled dog barked and then hid in their tent. How do you feel about such lack of work ethics?

Sky: Completely unacceptable. Do you have his name? This dangerous behavior must be reported to the SPCA head office immediately. … A polar bear can rip through a tent like scissors to paper … he should have known better and ran for his life!!!

Pythom: Worse, by the end of the expedition when the dog got tired, he climbed up in their pulk and they had to pull him around. How can Martin be sure you will follow through on your contract?

Sky: (Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………we won’t talk about that right now.)

Team Website and Facebook

This year two teams will attempt to ski to the Geographic North Pole (90ºN). Previously we talked to Sebastian Copeland, who is teaming up with Mark George; and Martin Murray, who is teaming up with Sky.

“He is a hard worker, who really buckles down to pull,” Martin said about Sky.

Both teams are starting from Canada, either from Ward Hunt Island or Cape Discovery, as determined by their pilot.