One Breath at the North Pole: Exweb interview with Free-diver, Christian Redl

I have respect but no fear
(Correne Coetzer and Peter Giovannotto) You take a breath and dive as deep as you can go. No tanks, no tubes, nothing. The enigmatic sport of freediving will travel to the extremes this month as Austrian world-record free-diver, Christian Redl, will make an attempt to freedive below the thick ice at the North Pole.

Explorersweb caught up with Christian, who is currently in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, from where he and Australian team mate, Marcus Fillinger (cameraman) will fly to Barneo Ice Camp. We enrolled freediver Peter Giovannotto to aid in our Q & A.

“I always try to be very well prepared,” the Austrian record-diver told us and added, “I have respect but no fear! That’s very important and a big difference.”