Peter Hamor & Team Ready to Climb Kabru South

Peter Hamor, Nives Meroi, Romano Benet, and new member Bojan Jan of Slovenia are ready to start their new route up Kabru South (7,394m) in western Nepal. They have set up Base Camp near Ramze and an Advanced Base Camp at the foot of the mountain’s west face.

Kabru area on Google maps.

The Kabru area on Google Maps, with Kangchenjunga to the north and Khumbakharna (Jannu) to the northwest.


Hamor spent three weeks with his wife Maria, roaming off the beaten track in the Kangchenjunga region. Hamor’s wife wrote that they only met five people during their trip. At about the halfway point, Hamor improved his acclimatization by climbing Dharmo Ri (6,100m).

The Hamors take a selfie in front of a mountain pass covered in snow, with some prayer flags at the saddle, in a sunny day.

Peter and Maria Hamor last week during their trek in the Kangchenjunga region. Photo: Peter Hamor/Facebook


Kabru South was climbed only once, by an Indian team in 1994 led by H.S. Chauhan. That expedition climbed Kabru North, Kabru Main, and Kabru South on consecutive days, according to The Himalayan Database.

The west face remains unclimbed and has been attempted only once, by a Serbian team in 2004. That expedition ended after leader Dragan Jacimovic fell into a crevasse. He survived, but the team decided that the route was too technical and they were too short of rope and gear to tackle it, as they noted in their report for the HDB.

Thanks to KrisAnnapurna for the historical background.

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