Tackle Organization, Simplified With The Plano 7771 Guide Series Tackle Box

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Plano is well-respected in the angler world for building quality and innovative gear at reasonable prices. The Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System is no different. They’ve taken the classic tackle box design and given it a thoughtful upgrade. While the carry method and general tackle box benefits like visibility and compactness are all there, this product offers vast storage space and a modular storage system that can custom fit your gear and needs.

plano 7771 guide series tackle box

The test

I tested this product on a fishing trip with my father to Braunig Lake. We had lots of gear to test and compare. We hauled all our gear between the Plano Tackle System and the SpiderWire Wolf Tackle Bag. We fished with live bait but still brought plenty of tackle and hooks to build our own rigs. When preparing the box the night before, our pre-filled clear tackle boxes didn’t fit into the slots, so we had to move some things over into the four included boxes. Additionally, the product comes with dividers for the upper storage section. I found the dividers hard to separate and work with due to the tabs on the ends, which caused some frustration in the setup. They needed to be carefully trimmed with scissors and then placed in particular locations to be functional.

While I’m more of a tackle bag person, my dad fell head over heels for the Plano Guide Series Tackle System. It seems it was the tackle box of his dreams. You can see through the translucent lid to view what’s in the upper storage compartment (a must for him), and there’s some wonderfully spacious storage in the right-side storage compartment. That section is deep, allowing for tool storage and larger items. My dad likes to be able to see all his gear because if it’s not right in front of his face, it doesn’t really exist, and that’s why he will never veer away from the classic tackle box.

The fold-down door on the front of the box makes for easy access to the four slide-out clear tackle boxes. Don’t pull out too many boxes at once, though, or you’ll tip over the whole thing! The plastic construction is water-resistant, and there are no metal pieces to rust when exposed to water. The over-molded plastic handle was easy to hold and ergonomic.

plano 7771 guide series tackle box

The buy

I ended up letting my dad hold onto this tackle box since he was so enamored with it and he was delighted. He has since used it several more times with no issues whatsoever. If you’d like your own Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System, the MSRP is $109.99, but many outdoor and online retailers offer a discount.

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