Get Prepped: RunningSnail Emergency Crank Radio

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No matter whether it’s frigid winter, the hurricane season, or the wildfire season, you need your own emergency kit. In that kit, you should have an emergency radio. These devices can be critical for keeping phones and other electronics charged when you are without electricity. They keep you informed of critical weather updates and can signal rescuers.

I spent most of my life living on the disaster-prone Gulf Coast. My Mimi would tell us the story of watching her house fall down around her head during Hurricane Camille. My mother still recounts her epic adventure to try and get us from after-school care during Tropical Storm Allison and nearly flooding our minivan.

As I got older, I lived through some big storms like Hurricanes Rita, Ike, Harvey, and more. During Hurricane Harvey, I lost my home, car, and a lot of my belongings after evacuating my apartment via kayak.

Few things drill emergency preparedness into your brain better than experiences like that. My personal go-to emergency radio is the Running Snail Emergency Crank Radio. Don’t be fooled by its size. Sometimes good things really do come in small packages.

runningsnail emergency crank radio

RunningSnail Emergency Radio Testing

Despite its small stature, the RunningSnail Emergency Crank Radio impressed me with its capabilities and features. The device itself is handheld and would be easy to grab in an emergency. The setup and use were so straightforward, I didn’t even need to read the instructions. Granted, I rarely do anyway. The fold-out crank in the back is large, especially considering the device’s size, making charging this tool easy. Battery indicator lights report how much battery is in the radio at any given time.

When charging my phone or iPad with this device, it drained the battery fairly quickly. But all I had to do was crank and it was back in business. In a hurricane or severe weather event, this emergency radio would be a saving grace. It could keep me (and you) up to date with the latest forecast via phone or the weather radio. This radio also charges via solar power, but my preferred method is the crank, as it’s faster and more reliable.

runningsnail emergency crank radio

Jam Out, Even with No Power

The speakers are generally clear but a bit fuzzy when playing weather radio. However, when switching to FM radio, the speakers had no issues. I even managed to find a station of early 2000s hits while I wrote this article. (These words are brought to you by Panic! At The Disco.) If you like bringing music on your outdoor excursions, I recommend the RunningSnail emergency radio. It packs and travels handily, and provides impressive sound without all the wires.

Additionally, the flashlight is exceptionally bright. I take this tool bouldering at night sometimes as an extra light because it is so bright. My favorite feature of this device is the SOS button. When held down, the device will release a loud siren sound and flash its lights. This feature could be incredibly impactful in the outdoors should a camping trip go awry or if you need to signal rescuers during an emergency.

Review Conclusions, Availability, & Pricing

RunningSnail Emergency Radio is available for purchase through RunningSnail’s website, Amazon, and various camping retailers.

The MSRP is $50 for this device, but the price varies by retailer. Expect the unexpected and prepare now, before the hurricane and wildfire seasons are in full summer swing.

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