Climate change predicted 60 years ago

We are headed for a new Ice Age and it’s as it should be
An archive article from 1958 shows that scientists predicted the current climate change already 60 years ago. According to them, we are headed for a new Ice Age and it’s as it should be: at least as long as the North Pole sits in the Arctic ocean, which it not always did.

American Maurice Ewing and William Donn, started with a question in the early 1950s: “What caused the ancient ice ages?”

Their quest threw them on a 5 year long expedition around the globe and through Earth’s recorded history.

During the past million years giant glaciers have advanced and retreated over the earth four times. The two men discovered that number 5 is imminent.

The new Ice Age will come as the inevitable culmination of a process that had begun already back then: a slow warming and rising of the ocean. Ewing and Donn predicted this warming would melt the ice sheet covering the Arctic Ocean and eventually set off another Ice Age on earth.

They predicted the process would cause great snows to fall in the north that will make the Arctic glaciers grow again and go south, following the route of previous ice ages.

It will take many centuries for the glaciers to encase North America and Europe but it is coming and it’s an inevitable consequence of the cycle which Ewing and Donn believed was taking place.