Shisha South Wall update: Great climb stopping very near summit

Montagna Update and Team Press release

Athletes sponsored by heavy weight advertisers such as The North Face can easily get some slack in media. Not so by Italian Montagna who awaited clarification from the recent Shishapangma South Wall team (climbing the face fast, alone and in alpine style) before declaring result.

Having just published the expected release, here goes about the summit bit:

“It was less than three meters to be on the highest point of the mountain, perhaps only a snow cornice, but at every step the snowpack sounded with worrying noises. We looked and nodded in agreement we are back on our feet, be safe to enjoy the view and take a photo each.”

The climbers wished to emphasize the difference to summit was only 3.2 meters. “Just three steps, that could make the difference between life and death.”

The incident reminds of other summit controversies on Shishapangma via mostly the normal route. Check links below and also this about late speed climber Inaki Ochoa, who found bad conditions on the upper section of the mountain and chose an alternative way to the top. The effort won him an Exweb award.


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