Skier Saves Snowboarder Buried Head-Down on Mt. Baker

Powder is great, especially Mt. Baker’s famously deep drifts. But when a snowboarder found himself in over his head — literally — he was lucky that a passing skier noticed his predicament.

The skier, Francis Zuber, was wearing a helmet cam that captured the action as he struggled to dig out the helpless rider. It’s scary, claustrophobic, and absolutely nerve-wracking to watch as Zuber’s frantic digging reveals first an elbow, then a mitten, then, mercifully, a face.

The string of relieved curses Zuber lets out after realizing the snowboarder is still alive is one that I think we’d all echo. Well done, sir.

Andrew Marshall

Andrew Marshall is an award-winning painter, photographer, and freelance writer. Andrew’s essays, illustrations, photographs, and poems can be found scattered across the web and in a variety of extremely low-paying literary journals.
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