Solo cycle in Winter Russian Arctic – heads up

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South African adventure cyclist, De Bruyn Joubert, who is on a mission across all seven continents since 2013, has announced a new adventure. A very cold one. A triangle of 2000 km in temperatures down to -55ºC.

In January 2017, De Bruyn will cycle into the Arctic Circle, in the middle of winter. He will head back to Siberia, where he cycled before, and head North, deep into the Arctic Circle. He will attempt three expeditions (combined into one attempt) “nobody has undertaken before,” he stated. The detailed route plan is not revealed yet.

Some of the biggest risks of this expedition he says, will be the extreme cold weather, shortage of Vitamin D (lack of sunlight), wolves and remote Siberian wilderness.

He plans to camp along the way and eat food that he carries in his sled, pulled behind his Fatbak Fatbike. According to De Bruyn, his solo expedition will be unassisted and unsupported.

During the next 7 months, De Bruyn Joubert will post plans and preparations. Follow his blog in the Expedition Dispatched on

is over already halfway with his mission. He has crossed Australia, Europa, Asia and North America.