Think Outside The Tackle Box With The SpiderWire Wolf Tackle Bag

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Everyone knows the classic tackle box, and if you’ve ever fished, you have probably used one. While these products are effective and allow you to see everything you need at once, they can be difficult to carry and generally quite cumbersome. The SpiderWire Wolf Tackle Bag doesn’t offer the same visibility as a tackle box, but for those who can remember where they put things, it offers an excellent alternative to the tackle box that is easy to use, carry, and travel with.

spiderwire wolf tackle bag

Gone fishin’

How better to test fishing gear than to go fishing? While visiting Texas, my dad and I hit the bait shop for live bait and rolled on over to Braunig Lake in Central Texas, our tackle all stored in the SpiderWire Wolf Tackle Bag. When packing the bag the night before, we noticed a few things. The large zipper pocket doesn’t quite open all the way, which could make accessing your gear difficult if it was full. Thankfully, this wasn’t a problem for us. We were able to fit four small tackle boxes in the interior. I like the tackle bag style as it’s much easier to carry, but you have to remember where all your gear is. My dad prefers the tackle box style since he can’t remember where he puts anything.

A solid build

Aside from the main interior pocket, there are two zippered storage pockets on the front, an additional one on the side, and storage in the bag’s main flap. Lastly, there’s a mesh pocket on the back of the bag, perfect for flat and smaller items like keys, or a wallet. My favorite storage compartment was the open-top pocket on the right side which made the perfect place for essentials that need to be accessed easily, like pliers and rags. The array of storage options made organization easy.

While I didn’t try to beat this bag down, the 1680 denier polyester and PVC exterior seems tough as nails and showed no wear except for a bit of dirt. The padded shoulder strap made it easy to carry, which I enjoyed much more than a single handle on a tackle box. To help the bag hold its shape, the bottom is molded so that the product doesn’t collapse on itself and stays sturdy and upright, which was helpful on the uneven truck bed and ground.

A couple of bonus features that I didn’t use included fishing line dispensers and tool holders on the front pockets. The fishing line dispenser is found on the side of the bag, near the top. Once you’ve threaded your spool, you’re ready to go. Additionally, some holsters adorn the front two zippered pockets for additional fishing pliers or multi-tools.

spiderwire wolf tackle bag

The buy

The SpiderWire Wolf Tackle Bag is available on Amazon or at several online and in-person fishing and outdoor stores. The MSRP for this product is $49.99, and it boasts a 38.8L carry capacity. I loved using this product and enjoyed it as an alternative to the traditional tackle box. All in all, I would give it four out of five stars.


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Tuesday Kahl

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