Sunski Dipsea Sunglasses: Stylish, Polarized & Made From Recycled Plastic

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One of my favorite sunglasses, Sunski’s Dipsea glasses, work just as well while adventuring as they do hanging out around town. They stay on your face even while running or skiing, plus they look great. I recommend Sunski sunglasses to anyone who asks. They’re affordable, sustainable, high quality, and have a great warranty.

The Dipsea’s have lots of color options as well. My current pair has bright blue reflective lenses, but I’ve also had the green ones. If you’re into more neutral colors, they also have those, but they’re lame (I’m joking, they’re cool too).

Sunski Dipsea Sunglasses

Sustainable Materials

Sunski makes their sunglasses out of their very own SuperLight material. SuperLight is recycled plastic resin, saved from going to a landfill. It’s strong, flexible, and lightweight. They also use plastic-free packaging, using innovative folding techniques instead of glue to keep their packaging together.

They’re also a member of 1% for the Planet and are Climate Neutral certified. If you care about supporting sustainable and ethical brands — I sure do — Sunski is a good one to support.

Sunski Dipsea Sunglasses

Lifetime Warranty

There’s one thing, in particular, I really appreciate about the Sunski sunglasses, and that’s their lifetime warranty. Step on these, let your dog eat them, drop them off a cliff, or run them over with your car (not on purpose, of course), and Sunski will send you a new pair. Trust me, I’ve used their warranty. I’ve broken the arms of my sunglasses off while glacier guiding in Alaska (a place you definitely need sunglasses), and Sunski sent me a new pair immediately, no questions asked.

Do note that scratched lenses are not covered under warranty, but the good news is that Sunski sells new lenses that easily snap into the frame for less than $20. Sure, there are cheaper options out there, but still, when you compare this to the price of a cheap pair of sunglasses that you’re pretty much guaranteed to immediately scratch up and then have to buy a new pair, this is a bargain. In the end, they’re cheaper and better for the environment.

Sunski Dipsea Sunglasses

Price Point

Sunski sunglasses run anywhere between $30-$100 with the Dipsea’s sitting around $60 when not on sale. For me, this is a great price point for high-quality polarized sunglasses. Sure, you could buy a new pair of gas station sunglasses for $10, but those will just get scratched and you end up throwing them away almost as quickly as you bought them.

They’re much less expensive than other premium sunglass companies, but you get a lot more bang for your buck than gas station sunglasses. Plus, as someone who tends to lose or break every nice thing I buy, I don’t think I could buy sunglasses that cost more than $100.

Sunski Dipsea Sunglasses

Final Thoughts

I rave about my Sunski Dipsea sunglasses to anyone who even mentions sunglasses. They’re high quality, made out of recycled material, and with their lifetime warranty, you don’t have to worry about actually using them. Take them climbing, on your next bike ride, road trip, or ski tour. Not only do they stay on your face securely, but if they did fall off and break or get scratched, you can buy new lenses to avoid throwing away a perfectly good pair of sunglasses.

They’re affordable, they look great, and they get the job done.

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