SWOOSH launched in Russia

Charles Werb and his new design Snowsailer

In the 2015-16 Antarctica season, Australian Charles Werb took his Snowsailer to the ice to attempt kiting with it from Novolazarevskaya to the South Pole. It didn’t work out as planned and he went back to the drawing board.

Two weeks ago Charles successfully launched the new design, the SWOOSH Snowsailer, in Russia, at the World Ice and Snow Sailing Championships, Emma Percy from his home team told us. “Charles was able to use the SWOOSH in the marathon event and post event filming. See the video.”

“THE SWOOSH is now able to pack into 3 bags for easy assembly and transportation and it now weighs no more than 40 kg when assembled. THE SWOOSH will be shipped directly to the customer via airfreight at a total cost of US$4000.00 each.”

Check in again for a detailed story and more photos, promised by Charles.


New Snowsailer designed and manufactured (Lab/Interview)

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