Tania Noakes Solos the Entire Length of Norway in Winter

Tania Noakes, a British IFMGA Mountain Guide, has completed the classic Norge Pa Langs route, solo and in winter.

Norge Pa Langs crudely translates to “Norway from end to end”, and it is in fact a route that spans the entire length of Norway, from Lindesnes in the south to Nordkapp in the north (approximately 2500km).

At the finish. Nordkapp.

The route was first completed in 1951 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Norwegian Boy Scouts. It remains a serious challenge in winter, and in 2016 polar veteran Conrad Dickinson failed due to unfavourable snow conditions.

Day 71: Råstojaure to Kilpisjarvi.

Noakes completed the 2533 km expedition in 82 days, entirely on foot and skis. She posted nine boxes of maps, food, etc. to various points, and bought all other supplies locally. Usually, she stayed in mountain huts, hostels and hotels, but near the end of the journey, she did bivouac and snow-hole.

Upon completing the route, Noakes said:

It has been a very special day. One of 82 very special days which form the most amazing journey of my life. I have always loved adventure and my work as a mountain guide has shown me how valuable adventure is in our lives. There are so many things that we can learn about ourselves and about life, when we find the courage to step into the unknown and commit to a dream…

There have been so many moments of happiness, but also very many moments of real doubt, frustration, hard work and, at times, pain. But on immediate reflection I can honestly say that I wouldn’t part with any if it… neither the good nor the bad, because actually it’s pretty difficult for me to say for sure which part falls into which category.
Although I skied this journey solo, one thing is certain, that I was never alone. I have been supported, encouraged and helped by numerous people along the way… old friends and new, and some people I may never cross paths with again. A true team effort!



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Conrad Dickinson, Norge Pa Langs