The Shackleton Award 2017 was awarded Johanna Davidsson

On 11th February at Expedition Finse, Johanna Davidsson received The Shackleton Award 2017 for her SoloSister to the South Pole expedition

Johanna skied solo (unassisted and unsupported) to the South Pole; leaving Hercules Inlet deep in the Weddell Sea on the 15. November 2016, reaching the South Pole on the 24th December after 38 days, 23 hours and 5 minutes, which is a speed record for women. She skied and kited back, arriving at Hercules Bay on the 10th January 2017, after 12 days – also a record.

The Shackleton Award Committee concluded:

“We have, however, not selected our winner this year primarily because of records. This expedition was about very careful preparations and skills – some of them learnt here at Finse. It is also characterized by a fundamental positive and enthusiastic spirit and dedication about fulfilling dreams. The expedition and the winner should be a role model for other aspiring explorers. So, it was a true polar adventure in the spirit of Shackleton”

This was the 4th time the award was given during the annual international expedition festival Expedition Finse at Finse, Norway.

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