Transamazonica, Stepping into the Unknown

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(RezaPakravan) “We will fly there tomorrow, to a place called Puerto Breu, the capital of the Yurua protected area. 95% of the population there are indigenous, and it is one of the most biodiverse regions in the whole Amazon.

While Alto Purus is incredibly difficult to get to, it is also coveted, largely for its huge reserves of mahogany. Thanks to the efforts of the UAC, illegal mahogany-logging there has been minimised, but it is still a problem.

So too is the drug-trade. Several Narco camps have recently been spotted in the Alto Purus jungle, and the Purus river itself has become one of the largest cocaine routes in the world.

We will see all this, beginning tomorrow. What we will also see will be some of the tribes living there, though certainly not all of them, for many of them live in voluntary isolation.

So listen. I don’t know how much internet access, if any, I’ll have once we plunge deep into the Alto Purus National Park. I’ll do my best to keep up with blogging every day, but there may be times when I just can’t. Please be assured, however, that as soon as I can get online I’ll tell you all about this magical place.

Hasta proxima.”

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