Win Gear + Support Outdoor Industry Startups

As the outdoor sport industry grows, new brands are constantly popping up and are ready to make their mark. Unfortunately, many of these brands remain local favorites that are overshadowed by bigger and well established leaders of the outdoor sport industry. Between high marketing costs and high costs of production, newer brands often struggle to get a proper foothold in the industry. The catch-22 is that many of these startups are developing revolutionary products, making game-changing strides in sustainability, and exist to serve a greater philanthropic purpose. In an industry where familiarity and name recognition reign supreme, people are less willing to take a chance on an unknown brand, making it difficult for these pioneering brands to succeed.

ReddyYeti is a digital platform that was created to solve that problem. This platform is dedicated to helping startups in action sports grow while delivering new and innovative brands to subscribers. By uniting community and grassroots organizations, ReddyYeti hopes to help shape the future and progression of the outdoor sports industry. We do this by telling the story behind the brands, interviewing their founders, personally testing and reviewing gear, and offering a giveaway of their products. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the outdoor sports community and stimulate innovation and new ideas while giving our subscribers a voice to proactively discover new start ups and the amazing strides they are taking to drastically improve their sport.

Our first giveaway recently launched, and it highlights four brands who are all currently revolutionizing winter sports.


By entering our winter giveaway you will be given the chance to win a backpack from Hemetic Trading Company, a pair of poles from Char Pole, a pair of skis from Slant Skis, and a customized jacket from Northwest Tech Outerwear. Throughout our giveaway we will be delivering the full story of these brands.

Deadline is April 12th, 2016.


Hemetic is an American carry good and lifestyle brand based out of Burlington, Vermont, dedicated to quality and functionality. After founders Matt McGinnis and Jake Caggige became fed up with the amount of poorly made bags produced with outsourced manufacturers, they were inspired to start a brand and create a product that would outperform and outlast bags that were flooding the market. Their mission is to provide higher quality at a reasonable price, and they support this with a lifelong warranty on all of their products. Hemetic prides itself on authenticity, dedication, and endless ambition, and their bags fully represent these values.

Char Poles

Char Pole is a Salt Lake City brand that is taking ski poles to the next level by creating the Swiss Army knife of poles. Weighing in at just over a pound, these lightweight carbon fiber poles are equipped with screwdrivers that can be integrated onto the top of the grip of your poles for dire situations or a quick adjustment on the fly. A camera can be mounted to the grip of the pole, and the basket has a built in bottle opener. Char is literally putting tools you need at your fingertips, all in a sleek and concise package. Every other pole out there is just a pole.

Slant Skis

Slant Skis is a ski manufacturer based out of Truckee, California. After becoming fed up with breaking skis, founder Josh Bennett was inspired to develop sturdier skis that excel in all conditions. All of their skis are made from bamboo, which has higher tensile strength than steel. Additionally, they use as little plastic as possible in their design and, using bamboo where they can, try to make this eco-friendly ski incredibly lightweight. In an effort to uphold the quality of their skis, Slant only releases a limited number of skis while promising a two-year warranty on each pair.

Northwest Tech Outerwear

Northwest Tech Outerwear is a customizable outerwear brand based out of Seattle, WA, and founded by Nick Marvik. Currently specializing in custom ski and snowboard jackets, pants, and powder bibs, their products are the epitome of quality and are fully waterproof to boot. What sets them apart most from other brands is that their products are fully customizable by you and also made in the USA – right out of Seattle, WA. Choose from multiple color schemes and optional add on features as well as pocket placements and orientations, this brand will give you the opportunity to make your perfect jacket, pant or powder bibs.The days of seeing look alike outerwear are over, with Northwest Tech every design is timeless and customized entirely by you.

One of our biggest motivations in developing is to create a community. We only plan to support gear we personally test and brands that are actively trying to create a better community, whether it is through philanthropic efforts, outstanding sustainable design, or simply by being heavily involved in community outreach. All the brands that we partner with will have to bring something to the table to strengthen and support the outdoor sport industry. If this is an idea that you believe in and you want to get the chance to win all this fantastic gear, then enter our giveaway.