Young-Ho Nam completed 3,400 km Patagonia crossing

The Korean explorer traveled by foot, bicycle and packraft

(By Kyu Dam Lee, Explorersweb/Pythom Korea)

Young-Ho Nam sent over news from Argentina about his greater Patagonia project. As part of this, he completed his project across the Patagonia Desert, one of the deserts in his 10-Desert Quest. Again he travelled by human-power. Mr. Nam departed Korea on November 1, 2016, and arrived in Ushuaia, the most southern town in Argentina, on December 31, 2016. The total distance covered in South America was 3,400 km.

He encountered several serious dangers, include his kayak that rolled over in a lake (he fell into the lake and got Hypothermia and had to be treated in a nearby hospital). While cycling, a very strong wind made his bicycle roll over.

Mr. Nam’s team members were Namyong Choi (film Director), Deuma Lee (Cameraman), and Dae-Hun Park.

Route as per attached green color map:

Neuguen to San Martin de los Angeles: packrafting

San Martin de los Angeles to Sarmento: mountain biking

Sarmento to El Calafate: mountain biking and walking

El Calafate to Punta Arenas: glacier trekking, kayaking, mountain biking and trekking again

Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams: sea kayaking.

Young-Ho Nam is planning to return to Korea on Jan-07-2017. He added his expedition was filmed and will be edited into a movie later.

Mr. Nam’s website for more information and photos.

Mr. Nam is on a mission to cross 10 deserts of the world. To date, he has completed the following: Arabia, Gobi, Great Victoria (Australia), Great Basin (US), Chihuahuan (Mexico), Great Sandy (Australia), and now Patagonia.

Previously Mr. Nam explained about the Patagonia expedition:

In Patagonia he wants to cover a greater area than only the Patagonia desert (which will be included in this expedition). His plan is to be in Patagonia from November 2015 to January 2017, traveling more than 2,000 km from ‘Domuyo (a volcano, the highest mountain in Patagonia area)’ to ‘Ushuaia (far southern city in the Argentina)’ in no-motorized method (walking, rowing and so on). Along his route, there will be a volcano, desert, glacier, fjord and the sea. He said, the goal of this expedition is not to trek along the Andes Mountains. He wants to visit various places (include the Patagonia desert) in the Patagonia area.


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