Everest Summits Coming Fast, but Good Weather Almost Over

8000ers Climbing Everest
A Puja ceremony at Everest Base Camp. Photo: Hamor/Colibasanu

Following the rope-fixing Sherpas, 30 or more Everest climbers reached the summit from the south early today. The successful mountaineers belong to three teams: Seven Summits Treks, Myrmidon Expeditions and Tenji Sherpa plus a single client.

As expected, guide Kami Rita Sherpa broke his own record for the most Everest summits, with 23.

As of early Thursday morning local time, more teams have left Camp 4 and have about 400m to go. This is expected to be the last day of good weather on the upper reaches of Everest for a while.

The largest successful contingent appears to be the Chinese Everest Expedition, supported by Seven Summit Treks. They are:

1) Ping Wang (Leader) – China 🇨🇳
2) Qiu Zu- China 🇨🇳
3) Jiang Yang – China 🇨🇳
4) Liu Ping (female) – China 🇨🇳
5) Luo Rijia – China 🇨🇳
6) Rui Junjian – China 🇨🇳
7) Fuan Wang – China 🇨🇳
8.) Xia Hongwei – China 🇨🇳
9) Ye Gesiji – China 🇨🇳
10) Ze Yong – China 🇨🇳
11) Yang Zhang (female) – China 🇨🇳
12) Che Lingping – China 🇨🇳
13) Cui Zhouping – China 🇨🇳
14) Gexi Yangchu – China 🇨🇳
15) He Honghu -(female) – China 🇨🇳

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