Updated: K2 Summit Push Aborted

8000ers K2 Mountain
K2 from Base Camp. Photo: Imagine Nepal

Deep snow and avalanche risk has forced back climbers on K2.

“Mingma Tenzi and Pemba Tshering tried to break the trail from the Bottleneck, but it was almost impossible to advance,” says Imagine Nepal’s Mingma Sherpa. The snow was so deep that it was over the heads of the Sherpas.

The deep snow and rising winds had also created dangerous wind slabs: Yesterday, two more avalanches triggered during the rope fixing, injuring two climbers, including one with a broken arm. In the end, they decided not to put other climbers in danger.

Lukas Furtenbach added that the delays caused by the avalanche two days ago had forced his team, who were not using supplementary O2, to wait a full day in Camp 4.

The rope-fixing Sherpas and some climbers are currently in Camp 4, pondering their options. “It seems that K2 is still not ready,” says Dawa Sherpa of Seven Summit Treks.

Some are already descending to Base Camp. Paraglider Max Berger and his partner jumped from K2’s shoulder and are already there. 

Meanwhile on Gasherbrum II, Sergi Mingote’s tracker puts him back in Camp 3 after he reached the top — notching his 13th 8000’er — at about 7am local time. American Climbing for Casualties members Matt G, Sean and Ben (no surnames provided) also summited, along with eight Nepalis and one Chinese climber, while Matt Randall turned around because of symptoms of pulmonary edema.

Finally, a reader reports that Atanas Skatov from Bulgaria also summited GII, shortly before Mingote. It was his 9th 8000’er. Currently he and his group are heading to Camp 1 for the night.

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Bulgarian Atanas Skatov also summit Gasherbrum II around 6:10AM local time today, this is his 9th 8000er. Currently the group is going to Camp 1 where they will stay for the night. You can see Skatov’s tracker here: https://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=01iE2eqnaRnOe19RKgDjpCGVIxghud2GL


Thats strange. Last 2 weeks there were reports of excellent sunny conditions. Today there is report of snow over head of Sherpas above bottleneck. Does it mean the season is over on K2 or is the snow supposed to melt or get blown away by wind in the coming days?

Althea Talbot-Howard

Considering the 3,000 metre difference in altitude between K2 base camp and the summit, there was a great deal of snow a few weeks ago, when teams were trekking in. Presumably the fine weather lower down the mountain – over the last two weeks – wasn’t enough to melt the snow that was deposited at the top during the trekking-in weeks.


There was reports about strong wind high in the mountain in recent days, and wind could move massive amounts of snow very quickly and create dangerous snow deposits, looks like it just happened there (few avalanches). It will take a while for the snow to settle down. Melting not really happens there as is always below 0.

Id Varga Csaba

Jó reggelt.

Ha tudsz valamit Varga Csaba ő elindult az éjjel a Gasherbrum I meghódítására.

id. Varga Csaba

Good morning.

If you know something, Csaba Varga set out to conquer Gasherbrum I at night.