Alaska Ski Resort Rubs Out Giant Snow Phallus

An Alaskan mountain woke up with a serious case of morning glory last week, prompting ski resort managers to rub it out as quickly as possible.

Sporting a 45-meter-long erection clearly visible in the snow, the Tea Cup Bowl at Alyeska Resort soon drew the attention of skiers, who had likely never seen a mountain so excited.

However, it seems that the company managing the resort was worried about how guests would react to the amorous peak. They decided to send a patrol helicopter to deal with the phallus before it could go viral on social media, Lugares de Nieve reported.


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But the internet — much like the mountain in question — never sleeps on a public erection. The snow penis appeared the morning after a full moon, prompting online commentators to suggest that an anonymous party must have wanted the mountain to attain its full manliness.

After all, hiking nearly 1,000 meters just to reach the mountain’s ridgeline would require a fair amount of work.

“Someone truly committed to the bit,” photographer Emily Sullivan wrote on Twitter. “Legendary.”

For those skiers who frequent the mountain, there’s no need to worry. According to WebMD, nocturnal penile tumescence is a sign of healthy testosterone levels.

Andrew McLemore

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