Another Avalanche: One Dead, Two Injured on Pakistan Peak

An avalanche struck an Austrian couple and their guide on an unclimbed peak in the Shimshal region of Pakistan today. Elias Feineler died on the spot while Ramona Kerber and local guide Shah Dualat suffered serious injuries. It is yet another avalanche mishap in this snow-plagued fall season in the Greater Ranges.

Ashgar Ali Poric of Jasmine Tours Pakistan detailed the tragic event. The trekkers were supposed to return to Shimshal village on Wednesday, but they waited out bad weather until today in order to summit an unclimbed peak that they had planned to do earlier. The 4,729m mountain stands some five hours by foot from Shimshal.

“The foreigners along with their guide began their ascent at 6 am and were hit by an avalanche near Base Camp at around 9:30 to 10 am,” Ali Porik wrote.

A large group has set off from the village in order to help the two injured climbers, whom they hope to reach by midnight.

“Pakistan’s Tourist Operators Organization has been in touch with Askari Aviation,” Ali Porik added. “They have agreed to dispatch helicopters the first thing in the morning.”

Elias Feineler was a professional trail runner. Before heading for Pakistan, he and partner Alexander Hutter had won the Dynafit Transalpine Run. The pair covered the 245km, 16,000 vertical metres circuit in 27 hours, spaced over eight days.

Elias Feineler. Photo: Instagram

Angela Benavides

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