Manaslu: Txikon Retreats

Something went wrong with Alex Txikon’s summit plans. This morning, the team left Camp 3 at 6,550m as planned, but stopped at around 6,750m. Txikon’s tracker showed lines going to and fro as if the climbers were looking for a route and couldn’t find it.

By noon local time, they had returned to Camp 3. Presently, they continued marching down. By dusk, they were past Camp 1. We expect to hear news from them soon.

Alex Txikon’s tracker located him back in Camp 3 at noon local time. Illustration: Alex Txikon/

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1 year ago

They must be gutted Nims Purja didn’t decide to come and help them.

1 year ago

Climbing more than 1400m at that altitude in winter with a snow loaded slope is very dangerous and it is good that they retreated. The mountain is not going anywhere. Loosing even a fingernail in the process is not worth it. Wise decision. The best climbers are alive ones who can share their experiences with the others (as we all enjoy it through them).

Last edited 1 year ago by Kurt