Summer 2018 Karakorum News


  • The Furtenbach team has reported that they topped out on Broad Peak early this morning.
  • Bielecki and Czech set out for the summit of Gasherbrum II at 3am today.
  • Seven Summit Treks are now aiming to summit K2 on July 20.

The Seven Summits team leaving Base Camp on K2. Photo: Seven Summit Treks


  • June brought persistent strong winds and heavy snow across the Karakorum. This slowed progress at first, but since early July, conditions have improved dramatically.
  • Expeditions on Broad Peak may attempt summit pushes this weekend. The Furtenbach commercial team reports that they started their latest attempt from Base Camp yesterday.
  • Teams continue to rotate up to Camp 3 on K2. Weather permitting, the weekend of July 21 could see the first summits of the season.
  • The good weather may also allow summit attempts as soon as this weekend on Gasherbrum II and Gasherbrum IV.
  • You can catch up on the biggest stories so far with our Mid-Season Update and Season Opener articles at the bottom of the page.

    David Klein and Suhajda Szilard are attempting Gasherbrum II without oxygen or the support of HAPs. Photo: David Klein

Persistent strong winds and heavy snow have slowed but not stopped the climbing in the Karakorum this season. Let's take a look at the main ...
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