K2 Quest Ends: Txikon Back in Base Camp

Alex Txikon team member above 7,000 meters on winter k2, March 17, 2019
Video still from winter K2. Photo: Alex Txikon

As it often does, the wind ultimately decided success or failure in the mountains. Today, Alex Txikon, Pansang and Chappal Sherpa waited as long as they could for conditions to improve on K2, but they didn’t. Finally, the climbers decided to retreat “all happy to be together,” as they put it. “The mountain will remain there.”

They climbed down K2’s Abruzzi Spur to Advanced base Camp and then onto Base Camp before nightfall. Upon arrival, they sent over the videos illustrating the glorious views, the blue skies and the icy wind shaking the tent and drowning out the climbers’ voices.

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Angela Benavides

Angela Benavides

Senior journalist, published author and communication consultant. Specialized on high-altitude mountaineering, with an interest for everything around the mountains: from economics to geopolitics. After five years exploring distant professional ranges, I returned to ExWeb BC in 2018. Feeling right at home since then!

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John Bezik

GOD bless these high altitude climbers , they knew when to stop the winter accent . Safety first and no SUMMIT fever which can be a killer. I would have loved to have this team make the winter SUMMIT and make history. K2 will be their next winter. CLIMB ON !!!

Jennifer Poland

Nice try you guys, you made the right decision, if conditions didn’t improve there’s not much you can do about it, the mountain has the last say. You all gave your best next time will be your time to succeed. Keep your head up and move forward, God bless you all and I will be rooting for you all next winter love you all Jennifer and Douglas 😍😍😍😍

Jennifer Poland

Totally agree with you John Bezik!!!!!

Faraz Shahid

Agree with you Jeniffer. Safety comes first wise decision by Alex and company. On the other hand it makes me so sad that Daniele Nardi and Tom Ballard lost their lives at Nanga Parbat. RIP both