Rescued Malaysian Climber Dies

Wui Kin Chin (Right) and his personal Sherpa on Annapurna, Nima Tshering, in Kathmandu. Photo: Wui Kin Chin

Seven days after being rescued from the upper slopes of Annapurna, Malaysian climber Wui Kin Chin, 49, has died in a Singapore hospital. Last week, Chin spent over 40 hours stranded at around 7,500m without food, water or supplementary oxygen.

Chin was initially airlifted to Mediciti Hospital in Kathmandu on April 25, before being flown to the National University Hospital in Singapore on April 27.

The injuries sustained by Chin and cause of death are not clear. Sanij Singh, an emergency physician at Mediciti Hospital, told Agence France-Presse: “His heart rate and temperature were both very low when we received him. He is suffering from severe hypothermia and has frostbite on his hands and feet.”

Friends and family paid their last respects at a Buddhist temple in Bukit Merah today. Photo: Malay Mail

Chin’s wake has already been held at a Buddhist temple in Bukit Merah, in the southern part of central Singapore. His body will be cremated tomorrow afternoon.

The death of Wui Kin Chin will cast a further spotlight on the roles played by both Global Rescue and Seven Summit Treks in the Malaysian’s time on the mountain and eventual rescue.

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Condolences, RIP. Wui Kin Chin


hero unknown my condolences, RIP


I am so sorry and my deep condolences to the family.
I was hoping that Mr. Chin stay alive and I prayed for that.
Unfortunately the help comes too late.

Maybe the company shell change the name from ” Global rescue” to “Global transportation”.
Very angry at them.

Mr. Chin reached his dream but I think that he can be still a live if this was really rescue.