Soloists Set Two Ocean Rowing Records

Emmanuel Coindre on a previous ocean row. Photo: Emmanuel Coindre

In the last month, rowing records have fallen in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Emmanuel Coindre – Only person to complete seven solo ocean rows

Forty-four-year-old Frenchman Coindre crossed the Atlantic Ocean from east to west in 57 days and 19 hours [Editors note: This time was corrected on 02/08/19]. Starting from Dakar, Senegal on April 17, Coindre went across the Atlantic and finished in the French overseas territory of Guiana, in South America, on June 14. He became the only person to complete seven solo ocean rows, bettering his own record, and completed his 8th solo crossing of an ocean in a leg-powered craft called a Hydrocycle.

Jacob Adoram – Longest Duration Non-Stop Solo Across an Ocean

Photo: Jacob Adoram

American fighter pilot Jacob Adoram has become the second person to row across the Pacific Ocean from North America to Australia non-stop. Adoram began in Washington State on July 7, 2018 and rowed west to Queensland Australia, which he reached last month after almost exactly 11 months at sea: 336 days, to be exact. He covered 11,499km.

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Coindre’s time is 57 days 19 hours