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When we’re not outdoors, we get our adventure fix by exploring social media and the web. Sometimes we’re a little too plugged in and browsing adventure reads can turn from minutes to hours. To nourish your adventure fix, here are some of the best adventure links we’ve discovered this week.

Attempting a Speed Record on Mississippi River: This month, Scott Miller, Paul Cox, Judson Steinback, and Wall Werderich are going to paddle the 3,695km length of the Mississippi River, from Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico. They aim to set a speed record in the process. Miller first planned this for 2020 but COVID-19 scuppered his plans. Then in 2021, big winds and waves sank their canoe.

The Women Who Logged 18 Months in the Arctic: Hide Fålun Strøm and Sunniva Sorby are both in their sixties. Between them, they have 49 years of experience in the Arctic. In 2019, they spent months living in a trappers cabin in the Norwegian High Arctic to collect data on climate change.

They became the first women to overwinter in Svalbard without men. Now they have taken everything they have learned and created an educational outreach platform.

Surfing Glacier Waves: Ben Gravy recently traveled to Alaska to surf calving glacier waves. He was not the first person to attempt such novelty surfing, but he may have had the most perfect conditions of anyone yet. Watch as he stands in front of a 200m calving glacier, waiting for the ice to drop and the waves to form.

Female Astronauts Are More Efficient: A new study has discovered that female astronauts are more efficient in space. They require less water and less food, and have lower water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide consumption than their male colleagues. When you think about this in terms of sustaining life on spacecraft for long missions, women are a clear choice.

102 Ironmans in 102 Days: Sean Conway has previously swum the length of Britain, created the world’s longest triathlon, and broken a speed record for cycling across Europe. Now he has started his next challenge — completing 102 triathlons in 102 days. The current record stands at 101 in as many days. Conway first attempted this last year, but an injury forced him to stop after a week.

Paddle Boarder Found Alive After 20 Hours Lost at Sea: Erica Vicente, 17, went paddle boarding off Portugal on April 15. Wind and currents pulled her away from the coast, and she wasn’t able to paddle back. Her father tried to rescue her but couldn’t reach her.

The Portuguese Air Force, rescue boats from Spain, and the National Guard all took part in a rescue operation. They searched through the night but couldn’t find her. She spent the night alone on her board. Twenty hours later, she was found by the vessel MSC Reef.

Vicente spent 20 hours on her paddle board before a container ship found her. Photo: Força Aerea Portuguesa


Handmade Adventures: Marcela Restrepo and Michael Dammer met in 2005. After five minutes of conversation, Dammer asked Restrepo to join him on a three-week expedition from the Andean Highlands to the Pacific coast. She said yes. Both grew up learning about self-sufficiency and loving outdoor adventure. They watched as “adventure has turned into another fast food’ and are determined that they and their children will not be part of it.

A Miscalculated Dyno on a Red Rock Classic: Climbing magazine’s “Weekend Whipper” series asks readers to send in photos and videos illustrating what they have learned on their outdoor pursuits. This week, Jesse Adams makes a leap of faith on a 5.12b climb in Nevada’s Red Rock Canyon.

Rebecca McPhee

Rebecca McPhee is a freelance writer for ExplorersWeb.

Rebecca has been writing about open water sports, adventure travel, and marine science for three years. Prior to that, Rebecca worked as an Editorial Assistant at Taylor and Francis, and a Wildlife Officer for ORCA.

Based in the UK Rebecca is a science teacher and volunteers for a number of marine charities. She enjoys open water swimming, hiking, diving, and traveling.