Huber Backpedals Latok 1 Plans

We reported a few days ago that Thomas Huber, Simon Gietl and Yannick Boisennot, are heading back to Latok I to attempt the legendary North Ridge. It turns out that contrary to initial reports, their exact plans remain under wraps. ExWeb grabbed a few moments with Huber before he headed to Pakistan.

On his plans for Latok I

We’ve decided not to say too much. First of all, we want to have a great time again in the Choktoi Valley. Of course, we have a plan, but you never know how the weather or the conditions will be. We’ll start our expedition in two weeks and we expect to be there until the end of August. We really hope we get some good weather. Then we’ll see what we can do.

I want to go back to mountaineering as it was few years ago: no blogs, news or social media during the expedition. We want to connect with the mountains and with each other. There’s time for media when we return. For now, I look forward to being without a connection, except with our families via satphone.

“In a few weeks I’ll be back in this amazing Choktoi Valley….the center of my universe as a climber….surrounded by the giants of Latok 3, Latok 1, Ogre 2 and Ogre.” Photo: Thomas Huber

On the strengths of their team

We are good at all [types of climbing]. But I think it’s always a matter of the right moment. If you feel great, you can push limits, because then the terrain does not feel so hard, just very sustained and complex. The key is to make the right decision in the right moment, and to lead when you feel great!

On acclimatization

There are many peaks in the Choktoi Valley around 6,000m.

“We were speechless on the summit of Panmah Kangri with Simon Gietl, Yannick Boissenot and Rainer Treppte.” Photo: Thomas Huber

On relaxing at Base Camp

We’ll train on a hangboard, do some bouldering and sport climbing, play cards with our cook and read books.

On their main objective

We’ll see which mountain we’ll try to climb. First, we must reach our Base Camp safely. All other things, I’ll let you know when we come back.

“I’m so excited… One of the best places on the planet.” Photo: Thomas Huber


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