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Heads up: Christoph Hรถbenreich, Paul Koller and Karl Pichlers Queen Maud Land expedition

Posted: Sep 15, 2009 03:55 pm EDT

(ThePoles.com) Christoph Hรถbenreich from Tyrol will be leading an Austrian expedition to explore some unknown mountain areas in Antarcticas Queen (Dronning) Maud Land during November and December 2009.

Ski and climb

Christoph notified ExplorersWeb about their expedition. Instead of looking out for difficult rock climbs big wall style the Austrian team will try to ski across the ranges from West to East and climb mountains in alpine style or using skis.

For Christoph Queen Maud Land is nothing less than the most exciting ice and rock landscape on our planet. The intended route across the Queen Maud Land will be approximately 150 km long and will take about four weeks to complete.

Christoph said he is inspired by real far away places, where nobody has skied or climbed before.

Former climbing expeditions

The Austrian has big respect for the achievements of the climbers that have done outstanding routes on the spires of Queen Maud Land.

Former climbing expeditions have explored the Orvin-Mountains including majestic Ulvetanna (2.931 m) and the neighbouring peaks (I. Tollefsen et. al. 1994; C. Anker, A. Lowe, J. Krakauer, G. Wiltsie 1997; C. Lukes 2000; A. Hubert, R. Dujmovits, A. Georges, D. Mercier, F. Zangrilli, R. Ross 2000/01; M. Libecki 2006; Groupe Militaire de Haute Montagne 2008; S. Siegrist, T. Huber, A. Huber 2008).

Austrians Christoph Hรถbenreich, Paul Koller and Karl Pichler will be attempting an expedition in an unexplored mountain area of Queen (Dronning) Maud Land, Antarctica.

The expedition will start their journey from Ulvetanna. The team will try to ski across the ranges from West to East and climb mountains in alpine style or using skis.

The logistics to and in Antarctica will be provided by TAC logistics from Cape Town, South Africa. They will fly to Novo base camp with an Ilyushin 76 and from there with a Twin Otter to the mountains. The plan is to start on 8 November 2009.

The Austrian team:

Dr. Christoph Hรถbenreich is the initiator and leader. As a geographer and UIAGM mountain and ski mountaineering guide he has vast polar experience: He was field-and safety guide at the Austrian Broadcasting Companys expeditions exploring the Arctic archipelago of Franz Josef Land for five months (summer 1993, winter 1994); has led the first Austrian ski last degree trip to the North Pole in 1997 (he initiated the trips for he first time with VICAAR); guided clients to Mt.Vinson (2000), worked as ANI Vinson Base Camp Manager in 2001-02 and 2002-03 and climbed Vinson four more times; led the first Austrian dogsled-expedition across Greenland (2003) and the legendary Payer-Weyprecht-Memorial-Expedition across Franz Josef Land (2005); was lecturer on board icebreaker Kapitan Dranitsyn to Franz Josef Land (2006) and led another ski last degree trip to the North Pole in behalf of VICAAR (2008).

Paul Koller, UIAGM mountain- and ski mountaineering guide, has climbed Mt.Everest, Gasherbrum 2, Broad Peak, Denali, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus and Carstenz and has crossed Greenland with skis and kites.

Karl Pichler, teacher and alpinist, has various climbing experience on the peaks of the Eastern and Western Alps.


South Georgia traverse leader, Christoph Höbenreich. Image of Christoph courtesy of franzjosefland.com (click to enlarge)