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Sean Burch, Nepal Goodwill Ambassador

Posted: Nov 04, 2010 10:47 am EDT

The Nepal Tourism Board held a press conference in Kathmandu, acknowledging Sean Burchs achievement with his run across Nepal, following the Great Himalaya Trail. Sean and the NTB announced further cooperation to help develop communities living along the GHT and he will receive a Goodwill Ambassadorship from Nepal.

ExplorersWebs Correne Coetzer attended the press conference.


When walking into the NTB building, Sean Burch cant be missed his 6 4 athletic body is much taller than the average Nepalese. Looking much younger than his 40 years, his strides are relaxed and long and he has definitely lost weight; 15 kg, he told ExplorersWeb. He didnt crave food during the run, but he missed his favorite sashimi.

The leeches and the late monsoon rains at the beginning of the expedition were the worst. He said to ExplorersWeb, before the run he never thought those two issues would be such a challenge. The leeches attacked unnoticed and when the damage was done it was too late to do something about them.

Despite the leeches, rain, landslides, high altitude, hypothermia and extreme daily mental and physical exhaustion Sean completed the 1,250 mile / 2000 km run in a world record time of 49 days, 6 hours and 8 minutes; 19 days faster than the previous record.

The estimated time for the trek by expedition companies in Nepal is about 157 days. Sean originally planned a 60-day itinerary. However, the support teams were pushed hard and new porters were brought in as much as possible, giving them lighter loads, as they could go faster and for longer hours it paid off.

Sean took over 2.6 million steps and tackled elevation gains and losses of over 500,000 ft.

Local community development

He crossed 18 districts during the run. Sean and the Nepal Tourism Board announced that he will be working with them to promote tourism and living conditions in these remote areas.

His expedition was facilitated by the Nepal Trust, led in-field by local, indigenous support staff, and aimed not only to promote the upcoming mega campaign of Nepal Tourism Year 2011 by placing focus on mountain tourism in Nepal, but also to encourage social groups, private sectors, government bodies and individuals to assist the local communities that are living along the Great Himalaya Trail in their social and economic development.

CONTACT Technology

During the press conference Sean as well as Jeroen van den Bergh, the Nepal and UK representative of the Nepal Trust, told the press how impressed they were with the CONTACT Technology, Fly-ins and map that Sean used to report about his daily activities and progress.

Goodwill Ambassadorship

Today Sean is on his way back to the USA. On November 8 he will meet the Government of Nepals Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, the Honble Sarat Singha Bhandari at the Nepal Embassy in Washington DC. During a ceremony there he will be honored by receiving a Goodwill Ambassadorship from the Minister.

Oldest man to climb Everest

Also attending the press conference was Min Banadur Sherchan from Nepal, the oldest person to climb Everest. He was born on 20 June 1931 and reached the summit on 25 May 2008 at the age of 76 years and 340 days. He also became the oldest person to summit any 8000er.

He presented Explorersweb with a Guinness World record certificate of his achievement. A great honor for ExplorersWeb to receive it.

Sean Burch is well known for his super-fast ascents on high mountains and crossed Nepal on foot from border-to-border (India to Tibet) on the Great Himalaya Trail. He will be doing over 500,000 feet of climbing and running at altitudes over 20,000 ft / 6000 meter. Sean planed to run and climb 10-15 hours a day to complete the trail in 60 days. He says the average time for doing this trail is 157 days.

He started his run/trek/climb on August 22, 2010.

The American lives the Washington D.C. area. His favorite foods are sashimi and venison. The last book he read is Tears in the Darkness - about the Bataan death march and his favorite movies are Spinal Tap and Best in Show.

Sean follows a Hyperfitness Living mental, physical, and nutritional program and has achieved the following:

- World Record: Fastest Winter Ascent of Mt. Fuji, Japan: 4:05:42
- World Record: 63 Summits of Unclimbed Peaks in 23 Days, Solo, Tibet
- Guinness World Record: Fastest Ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro: 5:28:48
- Guinness World Record: Fastest Time for Northern Most Marathon (First Marathon and wearing snowshoes)
- First Place: North Pole Marathon
- Mt. Everest (29,035ft): Summit, Solo, and almost completely without bottled oxygen
- Guinness World Record: Jump Rope at Altitude 26,181ft.
- USA Record Speed Ascent, Aconcagua (22,841ft.): Solo, Argentina, Highest Peak in Southern and Western Hemisphere
- First in World: 14 1st Ascents, 2 Solo 1st Ascents Previously Unmapped and Unexplored Mountain Areas within Arctic Circle in East Greenland
- Shishapangma (26,552ft.): Summit, 13th Highest Mountain in the World, Tibet, No Bottled Oxygen
- First in World: 3 1st Ascents, St. Elias Range, Alaska

Sean is a freelance writer, who wrote the highly received fitness/wellness book,
Hyperfitness, 12 Weeks to Conquering Your Inner Everest and Getting into the Best Shape of Your Life (click here) (Published by Penguin Group USA) and DVD video supplements. The book is also available at Amazon.com and other Internet bookstores.

He will be raising funds and awareness for the Nepal Trust Organization www.nepaltrust.org, and the Love Hope Strength foundation www.lovehopestrength.org/site. The non-profit Nepal Trust organizations current project works in Nepal are in primary healthcare, renewable energy, education, sustainable tourism and heritage preservation. The Love Hope Strength Foundation in the U.S. campaigns to save lives for those with cancer.

Another focus is his eagerness to bring attention to the very remote 'Hidden Himalaya' of Nepal, where Sean will be:
1) documenting historic and very famous Buddhist monasteries (many previously unseen by Westerners), and their cultural diversities; and
2) joining school children in the U.S. with children in makeshift schools in remote Himalayan villages.

Sean Burch was the first to use the new CONTACT-Augmented in addition to CONTACT-5 to report during the 60 days on the Nepal trail.

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Sean Burch signing posters at the Nepal Tourism Board press conference in Katmandu (click to enlarge)
Image by Correne Coetzer, SOURCE
Written on the Sean Burch poster, To ExplorersWeb, thank you for following my expedition, Sean (click to enlarge)
Image by Correne Coetzer, SOURCE
The official acknowledgment letter of the world record from Nepal Tourism Board and Government of Nepal presented to Sean Burch (click to enlarge)
courtesy Sean Burch
From left to right at the press conference in Kathmandu, Jaroen van den Bergh, The Nepal Trust Country Director for Nepal and the UK, Sean Burch, and Mr. Subash Nirola, Senior Director of the Nepal Tourism Board (click to enlarge)
Image by Correne Coetzer, SOURCE
National and International press representatives (click to enlarge)
Image by Correne Coetzer, SOURCE
Min Banadur Sherchan from Nepal, the oldest man to climb Everest. He reached the summit on 25 May 2008 at the age of 76 years and 340 days (click to enlarge)
Image by Correne Coetzer, SOURCE
Best wishes to ExplorersWeb from Min Bahadur Sherchan (click to enlarge)
Image by Correne Coetzer, SOURCE
Sean Burch, Min Bahadur Sherchan and ExWebs Correne Coetzer (click to enlarge)
Screenshot of Sean Burchs CONTACT-Augmented Fly-in real time map (click to enlarge)
courtesy Sean Burch, SOURCE