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K2 watch and preliminary Karakoram summit stats

Posted: Aug 02, 2011 07:49 am EDT

(Newsdesk) Climbers currently pushing for K2 summit via the Cesen (Basque) route have reached C2 as planned. Participants include ABC team members Gerfried Göschl, Alex Txikon and Kilian Volken, FTA team members Rob Springer, Sophie Denis and Lakpa, (plus HAPs), Fabrizio and Kinga, Louis Stitzinger and Christian Stangl. The north side climbers are back in BC holding for forecasts showing bad weather.

Other climbers are returning to Islamabad from recent climbs elsewhere in Karakoram. Here goes a preliminary summit wrap compiled by Rodrigo Granzotto Peron, illustrated by fresh images from the Alpine Club of Pakistan shot by Karrar Haidri.

All summits so far this summer season (compiled July 29)
By Rodrigo Granzotto Peron


13.07 Gerfried Goschl (AUT) [7th 8000er]
13.07 Hans Wenzl (AUT) [3]
13.07 José Carlos Tamayo (SPA) [5]
13.07 Juanja Madariaga (SPA) [5]
13.07 Günther Unterberger (AUT) [2]
13.07 Stephan Zechmann (AUT) [1]
13.07 Mario Panzeri (ITA) [13] [all five 8000ers in Pakistan]
13.07 Hassan (PAK)
13.07 Alex Txikón (SPA) [8]
13.07 Rick Allen (UK) [4]


14.07 Elio Schiljen (HOL) [1st 8000er]
14.07 Otto Harrer (AUT) [2]
14.07 Hubert Leitner (AUT) [2]
14.07 Antón Rumpl (AUT) [1]
14.07 Gianpaolo Corona (ITA) [4]

22.07 Alex Txikón (SPA) [9th 8000er] [double-header]
22.07 Louis Rousseau (CAN) [3]
22.07 Carlos Pauner (SPA) [12] [all five 8000ers in Pakistan in exact 10 years]
22.07 Ms Leila Esfandiary (IRAN) [1st Iranian lady climber] [died on descent]
22.07 Azim Gheychisaz (IRAN) [6] [Iranian climber with most 8000ers]
22.07 Mehdi Gholi-Pour (IRAN) [1]
22.07 Husain Moghadam (IRAN) [2]
22.07 Iraj Maani Golestan (IRAN) [2]
22.07 Santiago Quintero (ECU) [4]
22.07 Fabrizio Silvetti (ITA) [1]
22.07 Samuele Sentieri (ITA) [1]
22.07 Hans Wenzl (AUT) [4] [double-header]
22.07 Stephan Zechmann (AUT) [2] [double-header]
22.07 Karl Leitner (AUT) [2]
22.07 Justin Dubé-Fahmy (AUT) [1]
22.07 Norbert Linz (GER) [1]
22.07 Kilian Volken (SWZ) [4] [60 years old]
22.07 Willy Imstepf (SWZ) [1]
22.07 Kazim (PAK) [1]
22.07 Nisar Hussain Ali Sher (PAK) [5] [4th summit on G2]
22.07 Ms Maria Khitrikova (UKR) [1] [1st lady climber from Ukraine]
22.07 Ms Alexandra Dzik (POL) [1]
22.07 Jacek Teler (POL) [2]


25.07 Xavi Arias (SPA) [5th 8000er]
25.07 Xavi Aymar (SPA) [4]
25.07 Alexey Bolotov (RUS) [11]
25.07 Yannick Graziani (FRA) [3]
25.07 Ms Sophie Denis (FRA) [4]
25.07 Wim Smets (BEL) [3]
25.07 Andre Victor Bredenkamp (S. Af) [2] [1st South-African? Update Aug3 by Rodrigo Granzotto: Still checking facts on 1st South African, after Mike Horn claimed to have reached BP main summit last year. Confirmation is expected soon.]
25.07 Ms Alix von Melle (GER) [5]
25.07 Luis Stitzinger (GER) [5]


22.07 Denis Veretenin (RUS) on Trango Nameless Tower
22.07 Evgeny Bashkirtsev (RUS) on Trango Nameless Tower
25.07 Farhad Baig (PAK) on Broad Peak Rocky Fore Summit

NOTE: This is a preliminary list, subject to modifications in the future.

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Alexey Bolotov (middle) getting his summit cert at PAC from Saad Tariq Siddiqi (right). Expedition outfitter ATP manager Neknam Karim left.
Image by Karrar Haidri/ExplorersWeb, Pakistan courtesy Karrar Haidri, ExplorersWeb Pakistan, SOURCE
Saad Tariq Siddiqi and Carlos Pauner.
Image by Karrar Haidri/ExplorersWeb, Pakistan courtesy Karrar Haidri, ExplorersWeb Pakistan, SOURCE
Japanese 'Giri Giri Boys' comprise the Ultar II (7388m) Expedition 2011. (In image flanked by outfitter left, Saad middle, ExWeb's Karrar Haidri right.) Members are Sato Yusuke, Ichimura Fumitaka, and Manome Hiroyoshi.
Image by Karrar Haidri/ExplorersWeb, Pakistan courtesy Karrar Haidri, ExplorersWeb Pakistan, SOURCE
Pauner and his team with Saad and Hushe Treks & tours CEO Mr Nazir.
Image by Karrar Haidri/ExplorersWeb, Pakistan courtesy Karrar Haidri, ExplorersWeb in Pakistan, SOURCE
Following his Broad Peak success, Bolotov told ExWeb's Karrar that he has only three 8000ers left for the all-14 list.
Image by Karrar Haidri/ExplorersWeb, Pakistan courtesy Karrar Haidri, ExplorersWeb Pakistan, SOURCE