Annapurna summit push watch: SUMMITS!

Posted: Apr 17, 2010 07:40 am EDT

(ExWeb/Madrid) There's summit news from Annapurna north side! Joao Garcia topped-out at 1.30pm, local time, followed by Asier Izaguirre and the rest of Edurne team about 30 minutes later, BC crew just confirmed. Garcia has become 14x8000er summiteer and Edurne Pasaban has bagged her 13th peak.

"The upper sections were particularly difficult, as the climbers had to overcome a steep ice couloir," Portuguese Aurelio Faria reported from BC.

Before BC confirmed the news, the tracking systems the climbers are taking along clearly placed them on the 8,091m summit.

Update 5:35am, EST. All climbers are currently on descent back to BC. "They are all OK but rather tired after a 10 hours-long climb to the top," Expedition Doc Pablo reported. "They will climb back down to C4 for the night."

"Otherwise, good news is that all 9 members in the summit group topped out: Edurne, Asier, Nacho, Alex, Joao, Mingma, Pasang, Gembu, and the other Mingma," Pablo added. "By the way: Once on top the climbers stepped on all three highest points - in order to avoid any doubt about them reaching the true, highest summit."

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Joao Garcia, the first Portuguese 14x8000er summiteer.
courtesy, SOURCE
Joao Garcia used SPOT to verify his Annapurna summit in April.
courtesy, SOURCE
Edurne Pasaban, now level with Oh Eun-Sun with 13 8000ers summited.
Image by Ferran Latorre courtesy Al Filo de lo Imposible - TVE, SOURCE