Everest & age update: Sherpa climbing with his 10 YO son "to keep the record at home"

Everest & age update: Sherpa climbing with his 10 YO son "to keep the record at home"

Posted: Jun 16, 2010 08:23 pm EDT

Age limits imposed on both sides of Everest seem to have no effect on speed record climber Pemba Dorje Sherpa, who calls for national pride as a motivation to take a 10 years old to the roof of the world next year and thus break Jordan Romero's recent record.

I believe all Everest records should remain among the Nepalese people including the youngest summiteer, Pemba Dorje told AFP, according to Montagna.org. Therefore, next year Ill take a 10 or 11 years old kid to the summit.

The strongest candidate is Pemba's son, who turns 10 this year. "Sherpas have found some potential candidates in remote Himalayan villages, but there are no birth certificates, needed to prove the record to the Guinness Book of Records," Montagna.org stated.

Asked about the legal age restrictions in Nepal (climbing Everest is banned under 16) Pemba was confident: The Ministry of Tourism will be willing to make an exception, so that a Nepalese citizen can beat an American, he said.

In 2004 Pemba Dorje completed an O2-assisted speed climb on Everest in 8 hours and 10 minutes to the top. His nephew Temba Tshering held the youngest summiteers record at Everest south side at age 16. A Sherpani girl held the record from (the then unregulated) north side at age 15, until Jordan Romero set a new score from the same side at age 13.

Climbing Everest from Nepal is banned under age 16. Weeks after American Jordan Romero summited from the norh side at 13, CTMA issued new regulations about age limits on Everest north side with a low bar at age 18, and a top bar at age 60.
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Pemba Dorje Sherpa and his son (currently 9 years old).
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