Mr Park missing on Annapurna, third UPDATE

Mr Park missing on Annapurna, third UPDATE

Posted: Oct 20, 2011 08:50 pm EDT

(Newsdesk/updated Oct 20, 2011 11:50 pm EDT)
ExplorersWeb Korea correspondent Kyu Dam Lee reports that today (Oct 21 local time) many mountaineering organizations are coming together for the Korean climbers on Annapurna in Nepal.

A private conference asked Hak-Jae Yoo and Young-Il Kim who left Korea for Nepal on October 20 to climb KYAJO Ri (6,184 m) to first try and rescue the Korean climbers. The North Face Korea also sent a team to Nepal.

KAF plans to dispatch a rescue team to Nepal which include all Korean climbers worldwide.

Yet another rescue team (a helicopter and 4 Sherpa) found a rope on October 20 which is believed to have been used by the team but found no trace of the three climbers. Mr. Park and his two mates climbed to 6.400 meters above a big wall but were descending to ABC. The heli crew think that the mountaineers might have been swept by avalanche or fell into a crevasse.

The President of Korea said that the Korean Government will not give up hope, but do the best to rescue the team.

Previous report (Oct 20, 2011 04:50 pm EDT)

As ExplorersWeb reported yesterday the Korean Alpine Federation and the Exploring Culture Foundation of Young-Seok Park said the last communication between BC and Mr Park was at 4 pm on October 18, at which point Mr Park said the team was retreating due to bad weather and heavy rock fall. A helicopter had been mobilized in KTM in case of accident. The information is now spreading, unfortunately there is no further news except that a search and rescue operation is currently being launched.

Park Young Seok, Dong-Min Shin and Gi-Seok Gang left Annapurna BC three days ago expecting to reach the summit via a new route on Friday, Oct 21. Mr Park, 49, climbed all 14, 8000ers, skied to both poles, carved a new route on Everest in 2009 and now attempts a new line between the British and Japanese routes on Annapurna south face.

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The Korean climbers vanished between routes 1 and 3, fairly low down on the peak.
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Park celebrating his last birthday, 49, in Anna BC this fall.
courtesy Park Young-Seok Annapurna fall 2011 expedition